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          Company profile

          Company Profile

          Our company is one of the domestic vacuum equipment manufacturers, and the company always adheres to & quot; Jingye & quot; At present, it has formed eight specifications of vacuum pumps including rotary vane series (2x, XD), water ring series (SZ, 2SK, SK, 2be), reciprocating series (WLW), roots series (ZJ), roots water ring unit (JZJS), roots rotary vane unit (jzjx), roots reciprocating pump unit (jzjw) and other products. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, light textile, food, aviation, electronics, scientific research and other industries and departments.

          The company has strong technical force, has a vacuum equipment design and manufacturing team, and maintains close cooperative relations with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and colleges and universities. The product technology is excellent, the performance is excellent and the service is perfect. The company has decades of experience in R & D and manufacturing of vacuum equipment, and has trained an experienced production and technical service team to ensure that excellent products and good services are provided to the majority of users. The company pursues & quot; Very reassuring and convenient & quot; Through the continuous efforts of all employees, Sifang vacuum equipment will create value and return for you.