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          LGB Screw Vacuum Pump

          Screw vacuum pump working principle diagram


          LGB type screw vacuum pump using range

          LGB type screw vacuum pump, is the use of a pair of screw, made in the pump shell synchronous high-speed reverse rotation of the effects of the suction and exhaust and suction device, because the screw and has a certain gap between the screw, so the pump work, there is no friction between each other, smooth running, low noise, working cavity without lubricating oil, therefore, can dry screw pump pumping gas containing water vapor and a small amount of dust; Due to the limit of LGB type screw vacuum pump pressure can reach 5 pa, so type LGB screw vacuum pump can be widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, tools, paper, packaging, food, medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, and information engineering, biological engineering, microelectronics and other fields.


          LGB type screw vacuum pump performance characteristics

          1. The working chamber without any medium, can clean vacuum;

          2. Through the high precision dynamic balancing, high-speed operation, no friction between rotating parts, and long service life;

          3. The gas inside the pump is compressed, appropriate extraction can non-condensable gas;

          4. A single pump work scope is big, you can draw from the atmosphere to below 100 pa;

          5. Working cavity and the rotor of the screw surface can be anti-corrosion treatment, so as to adapt to bad working condition;

          6. Compared with mechanical vacuum pump oil seal type, condensable sexual material won't be stuck inside the pump, free of oil and gas and oil mist emissions, environmental preferred;

          7. Compared with liquid ring pump, need only, the application of recycled cooling water is pumped gas does not contact with water, avoid the influence of water temperature of vacuum, materials easy to recycle, can save link of sewage disposal, and lower limit pressure, composition of screw vacuum unit roots for more efficient.



          Model and main technical parameters


          Screw vacuum pump model

          The extraction rate (50 hz)Litres per second (L/s)70100200300
          M cubic/hour after (m3/h2503607201080
          Extreme pressure (50 hz)Palmer (Pa)≤5≤5≤5≤5
          The maximum exhaust pressureKPa (kPa)120120120120
          Motor power (50 hz)Kilowatts (kW)7.51518.537
          speedRevolutions per minute (RPM)2900288028802880
          The connectionInlet diameterMm (mm)5080100125
          Exhaust diameterMm (mm)45656580
          lubricantBefore the end cover gear oilL (L)
          The cooling watertrafficLitres/minute (L/min)30-3530-3530-3530-35
          pressureMPa (MPa)0.15-0.250.15-0.250.15-0.250.15-0.25
          The water temperatureDegrees Celsius (℃)≤25≤25≤25≤25
          The highest design temperatureAir intakeDegrees Celsius (℃)≤50≤50≤50≤50
          exhaustDegrees Celsius (℃)150150150150
          Lubricating oilDegrees Celsius (℃)50505050
          Seal typeThe air inlet end
          Oil sealOil sealOil sealOil seal
          Exhaust side
          Mechanical seal + oil sealMechanical seal + oil sealMechanical seal + oil sealMechanical seal + oil seal
          Shaft extension place
          Mechanical sealMechanical sealMechanical sealMechanical seal
          Room temperature operating rangeDegrees Celsius (℃)5-405-405-405-40
          The noiseDecibels (dB)≤80≤80≤80≤80
          Weight (not including silencer)Dry grams (kg)50066510201300
          Shape (single pump)Length X width X heightMm (mm)1360X500X6951650x475X6801740x570x7402100x800x790
          Appearance (including muffler, inlet ball valve)Length X width X heightMm (mm)1360X960X7001650x847X9331740x960x9802100×1100X1030

          Note: the technical parameters listed in the table are obtained from measurement, the following provisions conditions

          Atmospheric pressure 1.01 X105Pa/cooling water temperature 15 ℃ / humidity of the air inhaled air temperature 20 ℃ / 70% extraction rate deviation plus or minus 10% of pump type LGB - A meaning; LGB A screw straight league vacuum pump (L said screw, G dry vacuum pump, varying pitch) B A L/S extraction rate


          Structure diagram

          1. After the end cover2. Deep groove ball bearings3. The oil seal4. After the bearing seat

          5. The active rotor6. The pump body7. The skeleton oil seal8. Sealing Ring

          9. Sealing Ring 210. Before The Active Positioning Plate11. Seal FIG. 312. The Static Ring

          13. A Mechanical Seal14. The Front End Cover15. The Gear16. Locking

          17. Sealing Ring Four18. The Front Cover19. Sealing Ring Five20. Coupling

          21. The Motor22. The Machine Seal Gland23. The Mechanical Seal24. The Oil Pan

          25. The Front Bearing Cover26. The angular contact ball bearings27. The bearing inner and outer ring28.  Bearing washer

          29. The front bearing30. 30. Machine shaft sleeve31. The former passive positioning plate32. Oil seal shaft sleeve

          33. Driven rotor34. After positioning plate35. The seal ring36. After bearing inner ring

          37. Round nut38. The sealing ring of six39. After the bearing cover